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01-22-2013, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by TravisUlrich View Post
I love the white pigeon jersey but seeing it on black, just doesn't seem right.
With a white border on there would be fine.

Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post

With accurate colors the one on the right would be a cool third / special events jersey for next year. I like the idea of a mean looking Penguin head. I think this stuff is being reported for a reason... building the buzz and observing fan feedback at HFB,, etc. Or maybe not. But maybe. Left one OK. Middle one is dog ****.

White shoulders on jerseys with a large area of darker color almost always look like crap because it throws the visual weighting off .

The first two would have to be scrapped and keep the third one. I definitely would have bought that one.

I sold my diagonal black jersey over the summer. Never once did I belittle myself to buy those ugly pigeons ones, but I did come close on the thirds.

Plus that third one could have done well with kids and all.

Yep, you would have bought me and you know it.

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