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01-22-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Scott Van Pelt is a ******. He was sticking up for Trent Dilfer being mocked/criticized for not being a great QB. He then went on to say that Trent has a ring as a starting QB for a Super Bowl winner, and therefore his opinion is greater than any of his listeners, and that Trent is smarter than everyone else in regards to football.

Give me a ****ing break. No wonder I never listen to you.
I can't handle SVP. There's something about him, the way he talks, carries himself on the air, etc that just annoys me. I always tune that hour out between Waddle/Silvy and CJH when I'm listening to the radio. The 1pm SVP hour on AM 1000 is a lost timeslot for me. He's also a pretty weird looking dude. There's just something awkward about him. He wears those big suits of his like he's a coathanger or something...

And for the record, there are a LOT of people more qualified to talk about QBs than Dilfer. Yes he was a QB, yes his team won a SB, but it was in spite of him. He was very average.

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