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01-22-2013, 03:49 PM
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I wasn't saying HE IS bad, only that his play has been noticably bad for a starting/elite NHL goalie. I don't know if that shot at being a goalie was at me but regardless of where I've played as it really isn't anyone here's business, it was just stated to show that I'm not just looking at stats when I say I found his game severely lacking. I'm not necessarily worried about him throughout the season, but if he doesn't find the part of his game that makes him the backbone of our team, and give the players the confidence in him they need to continue to be creative with the puck, soon, this team could begin to spiral downward faster than we can stop. I'm just suggesting that potentially a Leland Irving start is required sooner than we anticipated to give Kipper a break, he just came off an intense camp and was immediately thrown into a double header to start. I say let Irving play the 'Nucks, he's had success against them in the past, and IF he wins, **** the team just gained a boatload of confidence in their backup and that could pay huge dividends down the stretch, while at the same time giving Kiprusoff the time he needs to rest and find his own timing.

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