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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
If it's bending visible light, isn't it also plausible it could bend infrared light? In fact, the longer wavelength in the IR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum should make it easier to refract than visible light. How does the 2nd law of thermodynamics even apply here? The cloak doesn't stop an object from radiating heat into its environment, it simply bends the electromagnetic radiation (light, whether in the visible or infrared spectrum).
The 2nd law applies because of entropy - what is under the cloak is not a closed system.

Following the second law of thermodynamics, entropy of a closed system always increases and in heat transfer situations, heat energy is transferred from higher temperature components to lower temperature components.
Despite the bending of the immediate area, the entire area is the system. The cloak cannot prevent object surrounding the cloak from soaking up heat - it can bend all the light it wants but a highly sensitive thermal imaging system (read military grade) will pick up the thermal footprint of the surrounding area as well. The cloak can only hide what is directly under it, not what surrounds it. Just like how a thermal camera will see your footprints long after you've walked on by, it will pick up reflected heat from the ground, rocks, trees, etc. Go jump under your bedsheet and see how much that intensifies your temperature and then tell me it doesn't amplify the heat as it builds up. That heat is going to leech beyond the cloak.

Now if you tell me the requirements to defeat thermal imaging require a 98 degree desert, the user wearing a scuba suit and such, ok... I will concede the point but I find it far from practical to have a sheet of fabric much like the emergency thermal blanket as the inventor already cites be able to thermally absorb enough energy to prevent leeching to the point it extends beyond the field light that is being bent and thus hidden. It's a blanket, not a black hole.


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