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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
The Witcher - 9/10

Awesome RPG, glad I finally came around to playing it after all the great things I've heard. The story was amazing all the way through and I love the way it turned out with all of the decisions I've made. I see why people may have complained about chapters 2 & 3 being grindfests but if that's a grind fest I was fine because it seemed like the rest of the game flew by. Chapters 4, 5, and the epilogue and lasted me about as long as any of the first three chapters. The battle system was a little iffy and too simplistic at times but I still liked it. Not sure if it was just me but I had some weird graphical issues towards the end of the game especially but I don't really mind too much, I'm not a graphics *****. The only complaint from me is how confusing it can be, particularly early. I hate these pointless tutorials in every game but this game kind of threw you in and expected you to figure everything out. It just doesn't work too well with a game as complex as The Witcher IMO. It took me 40 hours to beat while completing 90%~ of the side quests according to my Steam account but probably 2-4 hours of that was just trying to figure out how certain aspects of the game works. Still, awesome, awesome game and recommend it to anyone that loves RPGs! Not bad for a game that cost me $2.49!!

Agreed, I loved it as well. Chapter 2 with all the back and forth to the swamps nearly made me quit, but I am glad I did not. The latter chapters were much shorter you are right. I payed full price and was happy with it, for $2.50... well what a bargin.

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