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01-22-2013, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
I still say Orpik was wrong in throwing that hit in that situation. The game is decided, you play hard, but it serves nothing to throw a check like that with 30 seconds to go in a 3 goal game.
This is just ********... I'm sorry. If you're a player that thrives on throwing big hits and you see a rookie coming in on you - a prime candidate for a huge hit - in perfect position to be hit... what are you supposed to do? You take every chance you can get to weaken the other team. If you have a chance to disrupt that kid's mentality going forward throughout the season, then, you take it.

Now... here are some of my thoughts about the game after going to opening night and seeing the game live:

The Good: Rick Nash is our best player right now. That's not saying much, but he IS playing well and it's a good sign that there shouldn't be an adjustment period for him in NY. I also thought Callahan had a good game as well. That one sequence (on the PK I think?) where he blocked like three shots in a row and broke up the play was amazing. Cally is doing as the captain should and playing with heart - laying it all on the line.

The Not so Good: The rest of the team just looks SLOPPY. Never mind the stupid blind drop-passes from Richards, the team's ability to handle pucks is absolutely shot to crud right now. We've got some talented guys on our team who have decent hands and yet, they're bobbling passes left and right. Passes that are labeled for their sticks, even. Take a look at Rick Nash handling the puck on Sunday night and then look at, say, Richards or Gabby or even our defense. I don't know if this is a rhythm problem or if the players are just nervous right now... but I'm hoping that they'll get their "touch" back asap. Something that is kind of related to this: I was watching Gaborik in warm-ups and it seemed as if his wrist/snap-shot was totally gone. That deadly, quick-release shot that we all know and love was nowhere to be found.. I believe he flubbed a shot during the game as well that he should've gotten on net. Idk if this is because of his shoulder or what but I'm hoping it's just nerves.

And then we have the system problems... blown coverage... a terrible break-out (unless we give it Nash apparently... who can handle the puck and make a play). Whoever said that we rely on the long pass too much is correct. We need to focus more on short, quick-pass breakouts. Something like the Kings did in last year's playoffs. It's too easy for defensemen to pinch in and cut off our weak clearing attempts along the boards. This is a big problem that was apparent at the end of last year and unfortunately it's still here.

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