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01-22-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by beaverjc View Post
Please see my above post. $40 x 10 games = $400 a season on parking at Pats games. Not to mention you are in parking lot for hours pregame and post game. Roughly 2 hours prior + game of 3 hours + 2 hours post game and you are in space for 7 hours for $40. Nevermind people usually drive together to tailgate.

Bruins would run you $1,462 to park for a season x avg ticket cost and for one Bruins seat you are at $3996 for one ticket plus parking. Patriots cost for one seat + parking is $1578.

It baffles me the things people find to complain about.

Boston is more expensive than Foxboro. In pretty much every aspect, if not literally every aspect. Why would one be surprised that it's more expensive to park there? That, and parking at the venue is a luxury in Boston....there are plenty of other options. In Foxboro, it's drive or take the Patriots train and be stuck on a schedule.

How many spaces does Kraft "own" in comparison to how much Jacobs "owns"? Who is really turning more profit there?

If you have a disability or are with an elderly person that needs to be close to the arena, I understand that. Your options are limited, and that sucks. Every other excuse is just excuse.

Is it a ******** of money to park your car for a few hours? Sure is. It also costs $35/day to park in the garage across from my office during the week. Where's the outrage there?

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