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01-22-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I wouldn't dispute that claim; it's self-evident. But so what? It's meaningless unless you weigh the risk involved.

Gomez for McDonagh was not nearly the same level of a risk for the Rangers as Desharnais for Nino would be for us. That's what I'm saying. If this proposal was Kaberle for Nino I'd be all over it, even though Kaberle could return to near-elite form and Nino could bust hard.
You're ignoring the context of my response. I'm using a close to Habs example of a high end prospect ending up a steal in a trade despite there being a risk of him never being in the NHL.

Like I said, I'm not comparing the values of Gomez and Desharnais here, I'd imagine very few upper management personnel in the history of the NHL would have made that deal. Sadly we happened to have most of them at the time. As for Nino...Milbury isn't GM of the Isles. Most of the time you have to give to get. Personally I'd be willing to risk Desharnais for Nino as best case scenario significantly beats worst case scenario IMO. We have the small center depth covered.

Just because Habs management has been inept in terms of prospect management doesn't mean it's reasonable to even suggest others will replicate the Gomez/Mcdonagh ass ****ing Kaberle/Nino would be. We can dream though, it'd definitely be awesome if we can get a high end prospect without giving up anything of value.

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