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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
I get the argument for not tipping the people there for the same reason you don't tip at McDonald's.

Makes total sense.

I don't get the argument that because the product is crappy and expensive you don't tip.

Faulty logic.
I say faulty logic is asking the common person to tip more to keep concessionaires afloat when the only reason they suffered any financial setback was because their millionaire bosses fought over their millions.

People have differing opinions on tipping, and we all know there's no set definition. But it seems reasonable to me that a person would have a hard time tipping for a lousy product at a ridiculous price, particularly when the effort to dispense said product is even less at said location that at any other place. I think people note a difference between standing in one spot feeding cups below the same tap to an orderly line of people and managing a bar that offers dozens of drink options and has a clientele ordering from all different locations. Quite simply...the two jobs are so unrelated as to be completely different. So if some people, and again I don't happen to be one, choose not to tip, I totally understand why. The guys at the Garden dispensing beer are not bartenders. Not even close.

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