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01-22-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
No sir, I'll have to disagree with you. I've said it before and I'll say it again "You don't hire carpenter to do a plumber job". And that is exactly what was done with Burmi and it is been done with Mark. They are top-6 players and top-6 are harder to find then bottom-6. If Atlanta management decided to fill holes in roster with a very talented prospect it doesn't mean that Winnipeg Jets has to follow this idea. After all with changing team's location many expected a big attitude change.
Burmi is very talented offensively and the fact that many think that his best part of play is defense scares me. Cuz if there is one thing you can't buy in any sport it is talent. Why would we sign Oli Jokinen and wouldn't give Burmi or Mark a chance to play top-6? After all Jet's don't have true #1 center, both Little and Jokinen are #2 centers at the most. Both Alex and Mark are our best shot to become future #1, so why do they play in third and 4-th lines?
It also has to do with development, like we're seeing with Scheifele. Those guys have to earn that top 6 spot. If we keep Scheifele up only to play his current spot then yes you are correct, that's very bad on management and coaching. What I'm saying is the team was given Burmi as a member of the NHL roster, but Burmi couldn't beat out our other top 6 players. Some of which weren't even top 6ers. Burmi has yet to earn himself a spot on the top 6.

Burmi was literally gifted a top 6 spot at the end of last year and it wasn't something he earned. He also didn't do anything at all with that time. He was also given PP time and did nothing with it. I also think you're going to see a difference with how they bring in Scheifele. I don't think the org is going to keep him up if the best spot we can give him is not top 6. I think he'll even possibly split time with the AHL next year. I think right now he's getting his 5-game taste of the NHL to help motivate him further.

I agree with you in theory. I think around the league however top level players on other teams aren't given top 6 roles. They've earned them. Tarasenko started (and maybe still plays) on the 3rd line. His talent spoke for himself and he was given more icetime and PP time because he produced. Burmistrov has yet to do that. Whether it was 2nd line center duties last year or top line center duties (in the AHL) this year.

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