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01-22-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Kippers "bad" years under Keenan are overstated and in many ways, should be ignored entirely.

Recall if you will to the reactions around the hockey world when Keen was hired. Does no one remember how so many speculated that he would run Kipper out of town if not outright ruin him, along with Iginla and Phaneuf? Prior to coming to Calgary, Keenan had a reputation as a 'goalie killer' based on his history with treating goalies as scapegoats for team losses. He ran Curtis Joesph out of town for that very reason. It should be no surprise then that Kippers play suffered under Keenan nor should it be a condemnation on Kipper himself.
2 years ago under Sutter was his second worst in the NHL in the most offensive system he has played in. This year we are playing a very open system I don't think it is crazy to be worried about him.

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