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01-22-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I'm so sorry but I have to ask someone to explain this to me...

How can you guys hate Suter but not be at least a little upset with Weber? I understand that it completely sucks that Suter left as a UFA but doesn't it make it worse that Weber was willing to bail as a RFA and literally signed with another team forcing the Predators to have to come up with the money to keep him? Personally I would think what Weber did is worse. He openly bailed and forced the Preds to match a huge contract without negotiating with the Preds first.. I could very well be wrong or missing something but I just don't understand how there's no resentment towards Weber..?

I know you guys don't care at all but for what's it's worth I still hate Gaborik for what he did to the Wild and I have a really tough time liking the Rangers because of him alone.. So for what it's worth I do completely understand. I'm not trying to troll at all, I was just curious as to if people think of Weber any differently now?

I got nothing against the Preds, I know you guys hate us now but either way, I wish you guys all the best. I'd rather you guys make it over about 12 other teams in the West and I'd be happier to see you win a cup then about 25 other teams in the league...

Hoping for a great game, Cheers!
Weber did sign with Philly but he at least gave the team a chance to match and keep him or at least get something for him. $uter came out before the ASG last year and said he wasn't going to sign before the trade dead line and then claimed it was mis-interpeted and begged to not be traded. $uter lied and did not want to be traded and we got nothing for him.

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