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Originally Posted by PensMCGF92 View Post
did people watch forsberg and jagr in their prime? cause they dont really seem to do anything but look at the numbers. Forsberg was without a doubt a better playmaker than jagr, because that wasnt jagrs role. Forsberg has a higher assist per game ratio than jagr, both if you consider their whole respective careers, but especially if you consider the time they were both in the league. The bulk of Jagrs assists came when lemieux was his center, in a much higher scoring era. He is one of the best players and snipers of all time, but people kid themselves when they say he is best of the 3. I am truly embarrased for the people who voted him above crosby and forsberg which are primarely playmakers.

Forsberg played in HALF the amount of games Jagr did including little to NO games outside his prime, do you not understand how that would make his assist per game deceiving?

Last I checked Jagr put up incredible assist totals with or without Lemieux and during the dead puck era, post-lemieux Jagr was still better.

And if you wanna argue Crosby is a primary playmaker, what are you just guna disregard his rocket richard? Jagr was a primary playmaker also, like Crosby he's just a good goal scorer along with that.

Through their crossed careers Jagr posted a 1.33ppg and Forsberg a 1.25, the bulk of Jagrs assists come from the dead puck era, funny you should mention high scoring years because that's exactly where Forsberg had his career high. But hey if you consider seasons of 30,37,38,60 and 67 assists pre dead puck, the "bulk" of Jagrs 990 assists, I guess you're right..

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