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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
I seriously don't believe other teams are that dumb to fall for that stuff.

I saw both VCR games, Luongo looks really damn sharp. Still a superstar goalie but that's one steep price. I'm curious to see where he ends up.

This won't happen with the NYI but I'd make a deal for Luongo if we can get rid of DiPietro's salary. A team like VCR that can afford the dollars to buyout DiPietro, and free up the cap space to add players (plus what they get in return) should go for it, especially since they are one of the top teams in the league and have a chance for a cup.

Luongo's got the next five years at $6.7MM salary, then it drops significantly. Poulin and Nilsson are both good prospects but I'd feel very comfortable with Luongo in net, especially since we're adding so many young players over the next 2-3 years.

I know Wang will never bite, and VCR won't take DPs salary back, so whatever. The Isles aren't run like a team who's looking to win games. Sadly.
i wouldn't mind that happening, Luongo is one goaltender that gets far too much criticism, hes still a good goaltender, and i think hes at least top 10-15 in the league. i was def disappointed when we traded him, because there was a lot of hype surrounding him, and his rookie year wasn't all that bad-- better than Dp's rookie 3-15 campaign--considering how lousy that team was. I remember having a lot of faith that he was going to be our future star goaltender we needed at the time, and than he gets traded and we draft some new kid who is a huge question mark, because its all such a crap shoot. I feel trading him, than making Dp "the first goaltender drafted number 1 overall" was like supposed to make us feel less bad about trading a prime talent, and make Milbury look like he was some eccentric genius gm or something.

Nabokov is a calming presence out there, hes consistent, and seems to have a fundamentally solid game. Hes not letting in these back breaking goals that suck the momentum outta the team (of course sometimes it happens) and Luongo is similar in that respect.

That being said, we kno that trade wont happen, so i hope we can have Nabby 1 more year and hes effective, because i dont think one of Nilson or Poulin could effectively handle 60-65 games yet.

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