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01-22-2013, 05:05 PM
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When did our defense problem turn into Subban and Benn?

2 points)
1. It's not just Stu Bickel even though I roasted him during the game and after the game. It would certain help if he was playing at an acceptable level. It's not easy to play so few minutes and be alert as any NHL defensemen will tell you but the quality of his contributions to the team and his inconsistencies and lack of hockey sense doesn't earn him any minutes. The cycle continues. AHL or find a team that is willing to give minutes, Stu.

2) The team is playing bad. If the team is playing well, we wouldn't have to worry about Stu's performance. It's a momentum game. If we were playing well and scoring goals and playing in their zone/effectively defend in our zone/clearing the puck/transitioning well and gaining the offensive zone well, Stu wouldn't be a liability as much as a simple eye sore.

3) If the team is playing well, we wouldn't have such a big problem with the presence of Stu Bickel as our 6th Defensemen. That's different from him playing games and getting ice time. We have a problem now because we're losing and he's at the heart of it, so it appears. He was never intended to be our 6th man during the playoffs that are to come. We're suppose to be using these 48 games to either acquire or develop a capable 6th man for the playoffs. Stu is still just stu but seeing as we're losing now, we definitely need to make quick changes and unfortunately, Stu's projected 6.5th defenseman spot is going to end months sooner than the MGMT and coaching staff had intended.

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