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Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
Ed Davis: B+
Really has taken his game up another level, has stopped playing lazy, rebounds like crazy, blocks shots and has a midrange game now. Like his progression
Amir Johnson:A-
Heart of the team. Can play 2 positions, start or come off the bench. Very versatile.
Jose Calderon: B
Shooting the lights out and setting up teammates. Has stopped pounding the ball for 20+ seconds of the shotclock. Stiil terrible defensively though.
Derozan: C-
Not deserving of his contract extension. Is in love with long 2s, the most inefficient shot in basketball. Has poor handles, can't create for others and is pretty bad defensively.
Bargnani: F
The team's improvement since his absence says it all.
Valunciunas: C
Has looked OK. Other centers have eaten him alive but he is a rookie so it is to be expected. Should come off the bench when he returns.
Lowry: B-
Had an amazing start, but then started to remind me of Mike James with the way he was chucking out there. Has stopped with the selfish play since he came back. Needs to be a better teammate at times, seen him stare down Ross for a mistake, needs to be a leader.
Alan Anderson B-
He's produced but I hate how he thinks he is Lebron out there. Way too selfish out there.
Fields: D
He can't shoot worth s###! but can rebound and defend...not worth his contract at all, but can play off the ball with cuts to the basket. Needs to improve his FTs.
Ross: C+
Has a nice package of skills, athletic as hell, smooth jumpshot, good defender. But falls in love with his jumpshot when it isn't falling and never attacks the basket.
Acy: C
Short, but long wingspan. Can block shots and finish at the rim, and draw charges. Done what is asked of him.
Gray: D
Big, slow and dumb. Has no hands and is good for 2 illegal screens a quarter.
Kleiza: F
Thinks he is the European MJ or something. A terrible chucker.
Lucas III: D
Another chucker (boy we have a lot). Doesn't create for others.
Pietrus: C-
Has lost his shooting ability but can play defense. Meh pickup.

Colangelo: F-
Needed to go yesterday. Overpays for mediocrity and scrubs. Trades draft picks away like candy. Is in love with Bargnani.

Casey: D
Has terrible gametime management. Poor timeouts, plays out of timeouts, inbounding plays. Gives guys minutes because of their contracts, and not their play. Bad rotations.
Good analysis that's almost mine to a T. I agree with all your points. Thanks for participating.

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