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01-22-2013, 05:12 PM
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I'm almost as big of an Eller supporter as there is, but his line was the least effective last game.

The top 2 lines played a sloppy offensive game that resulted in getting few real chances on net. But they prevented the other team from getting much either.

Eller's group on the other hand got exposed a bunch of times in the defensive zone.

Oliver's scoring chances show this, I also re-watched the game to check up on what actually went on sans first game emotion.

On the other hand, I don't think Eller is particularly to blame for that. His individual efforts were largely fine, its that the line combination was frequently discombobulated on positioning. They obviously did not have much practice together.

The biggest culprit for their problems was Boullion though. His complete inablity to defend down low was a major factor in most of the chances against, and it also forced the forwards out of perferred positioning to cover his mishaps.

Gorges was no great shakes either, he played sloppy a bunch of times but he could manage his area of the ice most of the time. Also pairing the two with Gorges on right was a mistake. Since Boullion was the one on his correct side for controlling the puck, he both got the bulk of the puck-handling and a larger area of the ice to cover.

Contrast this to the Markov-Emelin pairing that was pretty good. Markov is the best guy for range and puckhandling on the pairing and is on his correct side. Emelin is on his off-side, but it matters less because he's there to support Markov, not carry the play on his own.

What might have been if Subban was with Gorges rather than Boullion is left as an exercise for the reader.

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