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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I expect someone who criticizes a player to have something to back it up. It has nothing to do with my level of intellect. You say he sucks, fine. Just don't get defensive when people ask you to explain why, or punch holes in your argument. I'm not here to dissuade people from discussing hockey, but I'm not going to pull any punches just because they are unsure of what they're talking about.

Bickel has never played a full season of NHL hockey. Hell, he only broke into the league last season. If you put him in a situation that will expose him, then that's what's going to happen. Pairing him with Del Zotto is just begging for mistakes. However, grit on our blueline has been an issue for a while now. Putting Eminger in doesn't help that, and neither does Gilroy. Eminger is more Hyde than he is Jekyll and has been for the majority of his career.
Instead of "someone" mention names. I did not simply say Bickle sucks. Had I done this I would understand your comment more. You never punched any holes in my arguement. I actually ASKED you to give me counter points while I also went about admitting my inexperience and all you gave me was a comment about retired legend Lidstrom lol. Lidstrom does not pertain to anything I said about bottom pairing cheap available alternatives to Bickle.

It's as if you somehow read me saying "Bickle needed to be upgraded by a top notch UFA signing." When I wrote "Could we possibly find a bottom pairing D man to play better than what we have always seen out of Bickle?" You mentioned Eminger as more Hyde yet Stu has only ever been Hyde's blind, deaf cousin in my opinion and in several other posters opinion (Ok exaggerating for fun Stu has had some good games but I feel Eminger has had more and is likely a better option which obviously has 0 to do with Lidstrom)

Nothing about your stance or opinion is insulting in the least I'm shocked you think that it was. You were insulting with an offhand remark you made but the offending comment had nothing to do with the topic.

I dunno what you feel towards other people on this board but I always like to think that if we keep ourselves civil then our experience and knowledge should not be held against us. Your comment seemed to imply that people should not be allowed to post if they don't meet a certain hockey knowledge criteria.

Some people like myself are coming here with a passion and desire to talk hockey despite our limited experience. Nowhere do I force my opinions down anyones throats but I do ask for legitamate reasons why you feel Bickle cannot be replaced currently and I do wonder for fun if he could have been replaced already when many were saying he should be.

I also believe Gilroy was a wasted signing and that we could have found SOMEONE cheap to replace Bickle. There is fun to be had in what if scenarios. In fact as a comic book fan one of my favorite series was the "What If?" marvel series where one crazy scenario gets put out there. So I dunno maybe this is not seen as worthy of discussion by you or by these boards in general but from what I read "What if" and speculation have a major role on these boards.

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