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01-22-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Really? The problem with the team is Stu friggin' Bickel?
Just pointing out I definitely did not ever say Bickle was THE problem. I know you were replying to Machine but some peopel responded to me as if I had said Bickle was our only issue.

To me he is just 1 problem that I feel we could easily address and fix. Other more pressing problems like Rich, Hag, gabs, the D...those I think will require some time to get going thanks to no camp. I am willing to be patient for them and I am willing to wait a few more games for STu however I do feel strong in my opinion that he is just this bad we should remove him now. Obviouslyt I don't advocate removing him for no reason I asked about McI and understand this would be very unwise so that leaves Eminger or someone to be named...or I turn out wrong and Bickle turns it around. I hope he does he made an enormour improvement and played adequately during parts of last season but I think he shot his...ummm....well that was an abberration and I think he is back to being AHL at best

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