Thread: Proposal: Nino Niederreiter Offers
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01-22-2013, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawksfan2828 View Post
Kessel is not Kane - Kane is a better player.
Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
One has a stanley cup and if I am correct Kane also has a better PPG average over his career and is younger.
Uh, duh. I must have been drinking early today, because for some bizarro reason I thought you were talking about Evander Kane!

Ok, I am an idiot on this one. Of course someone with Hawksfan in their name should have made it obvious, but I had Evander's domination of trade proposals in my head. Thank you Boredmale for waking me up with the ring comment.

Different story there than. Chicago wouldn't trade Patty Kane for any reason shy of his demanding it. The offer you suggest is definitely what it would take if they did though. I would argue the proposal you made was too light even.

Why would they even want to trade the guy though? That I wouldn't understand.

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