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01-22-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JaredCowenFan View Post
So I was touchy on saying this but my friend(known for a bit on PS3) is trying to get me to Dupe items. He said he needs my PS3 Email and Password so he can download the software on my PS3. He said to delete my credit card info and stuff to try and seam not shady, but IDK. What you do he sais is have a player in your bench slot and one on your roster and you push Square on the player on the team and then double click XX and it'll dupe it. It worked, but apparently with this software it makes the player stay around. And you can sell him/use him ect. I saw the dupe thing with my own eyes but it doesn't give you both, I don't know If i'm being stupid here but I sorta believe him and this thing might work but idk. I didn't see much on the Internet but I did see this:

It just seams really shady and IDK.
I personally wouldn't risk it.

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