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Originally Posted by deytookerjaabs View Post
I hate to burst your bubble but southern Illinois if far more progressive than southern Missouri, instead of lamenting over the civil war they're preparing for the "race war."
I think your post is somewhat sarcastic, but I'm not sure I've ever heard anybody here lament over the Civil War.

Actually Missouri was pretty divided (most of my ancestors were Union, and one great-great Grandfather fought in Arkansas in a Union regiment). If you look at a map of where slaves were in 1860 most were either in the Bootheel or the I-70 corridor (though I-70 didn't exist). People in the Ozarks were generally too poor for slaves and were divided during the war. St. Louis actually had more slaves than most Southern Missouri counties did, at least in the Ozarks part of Southern Missouri.

Just a little history lesson.

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