Thread: Speculation: What are the Bruins' needs?
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01-22-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill Ladd View Post
The PP. I really think this team needs a skilled lefty. Maybe Marchand can develop some of that in his game (he's not a true PPQB but I think his offense is underrated)... Spooner has the potential to be a true PPQB, but isn't ready yet...

3LW. I know a lot of people look at that spot as completely insignificant but this team is built around depth and if that spot is a problem then the whole 3rd line loses it's effectiveness and our supposed depth advantage goes out the window. (And if someone in the top6 gets injured, you're basically icing 2/3rds of the Providence Bruins as your 3rd line.)

I hope Bourque delivers. He's in a good situation with a good coach who will get the most out of him, but I think that if that line could add more of a power guy (like a Ryan Clowe) that that style of player would give the B's the depth they rely on and make them much harder to play against in the playoffs. Maybe that's something they consider at the deadline.

Hamilton to deveop. It's unfair to expect anything from Hamilton beyond just learning from his mistakes, but this defense does need mobility and puck moving savvy on the back-end. and with a player like Hamilton already on the team, it doesn't make much sense to trade for it.

Rask to stand and deliver. He did it once before but the position was much more competitive then. Lack of competition is never a good thing, IMO. Maybe Dobby eventually puts pressure on Rask for the job but going into the season, the job is Rask's and it'll be interesting to see how he handles that. Will he be driven to not only take the reigns but carry the team, or will he lose a little of his competitive edge without a legend like Thomas around to push him?
agree with all this, especially about the part of our third line left wing and the type of player i would like to see added in that role. for the record i still think Caron eventually will get the spot, but ideally I'd like to see them trade for a vet like a Clowe. a couple other possibilities are Morrow and Glencross. both guys would add some grit to the speed of Kelly and Pevs. Glencross or Clowe would be ideal.

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