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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
List of Russians drafted by Ottawa

2007 Entry 60 2 Ruslan Bashkirov L Quebec Remparts [QMJHL]
2005 Entry 70 3 Vitali Anikeyenko D Yaroslavl-2 (Russia)
2005 Entry 98 4 Ilya Zubov C Cherepovets Jr. (Russia) 11 0 2 2 0
2005 Entry 186 6 Dmitry Megalinsky D Yaroslavl Lokomotiv [Russia]
2004 Entry 58 2 Kirill Lyamin D CSKA Moscow [Russia]
2004 Entry 122 4 Alexander Nikulin C CSKA Jr. (Russia) 3 0 0 0 0
2003 Entry 67 2 Igor Mirnov F Moscow Dynamo [Russia]
2003 Entry 166 5 Sergei Gimayev D Cherepovets Severstal [Russia]
2002 Entry 47 2 Alexei Kaigorodov C Magnitogorsk Metallurg [Russia] 6 0 1 1 0
2002 Entry 276 9 Vitaly Atyushov D Perm Molot [Russia]
2000 Entry 21 1 Anton Volchenkov D CSKA Jr. (Russia) 558 18 95 113 367
1999 Entry 269 9 Konstantin Gorovikov R St. Petersburg SKA [Russia]
1998 Entry 101 4 Petr Schastlivy L Yaroslavl Torpedo [Russia] 129 18 22 40 30
1998 Entry 223 8 Sergei Verenkin F Torpedo-2 Yaroslavl (Russia)
1993 Entry 157 7 Sergei Polischuk D Krylja Sovetov [Russia]
1992 Entry 2 1 Alexei Yashin C Moscow Dynamo [Russia] 850 337 444 781 401

Many of those guys could have been stars or very solid NHL players but it never materialized outside of Volchenkov and Yashin... I find it silly to see some Sens fans still asking about that... maybe young guys who haven't been around for too long?

This organization has too much history with Russians and is biased against them... Call it the Yashin expirement if you want. They prefer to sign them as UFAs (or could even trade for them) or spend a lower pick for a high potential young Russian (3rd for Filatov), but you won't see them spending a 1st round pick on a Russian. I would be extremely surprised to see that
I think that rather than look at Ottawa's history of taking Russian guys in the draft, you really need to look at BRYAN MURRAY'S record of taking Russians in the draft:

Murray with Ottawa
2007 - Ruslan Bashkirov (2nd round) - Was still using Muckler's scouts, he had only been GM for 4 days when the draft happened.
Result in Ottawa, 2007-present: 6 years of drafting, 41 players selected, ONE Russian (that he probably wouldn't have even taken if "his guys" had been around.)

Murray with Anaheim, 2002-2004
Result with Anaheim: 3 years of drafting, 25 players selected, zero Russians.

In fact, you need to go back to Murray's Florida days (1994-2000) before you have evidence of even a single Russian guy Murray wanted himself... and looking at Florida's track there over 7 drafts, you can even see back then evidence of Murray eschewing Russian picks, even during the 90's mentality of "let's draft Russians because the Iron Curtain is down and every pick is the next Fedorov!!!1":
- Vladimir Sapozhnikov, 2nd round (2000)
- Ivan Novoseltsev, 4th round (1997)
- Oleg Kvasha, 3rd round (1996)
Result in Florida, 1994-2000: 7 years of drafting, 64 players selected, 3 Russians.

So, what's our final tally for Bryan Murray as a GM?
- 16 year as an NHL GM
- 130 players selected
- 4 Russians (or, ~3% of Murray's total picks)
- Of those 4 Russians, NONE were 1st rounders.

What we have learned: We have, as we can best extrapolate from existing data (and assuming Murray has established enough of a sample size to assume that his drafting trends will continue), a ~3% chance of drafting a Russian player in Ottawa while Murray is here. Even less of a chance of taking a Russian in the first round.

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