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01-22-2013, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGoalJudge View Post
I think Cole and Gionta could net 1st rounders at the very least for a few reasons. The beauty of this season is that the teams who pick 8 to 12 will very very likely be in the hunt at the trade deadline.

A team that is in 6th in the East at the deadline, for example, and trades for Gionta, could plummet pretty quickly with a jam packed field of teams in a shortened season.

Add to that the fact that sellers will be rare and the demand for our veterans will increase.

Add to that the fact that we now have the ability to eat salary and cap hit and our return could potentially be incredible. More than at any other time in NHL history with these UNIQUE set of circumstances.

And this "non top 10 pick" reason is bs. Just this year you had Forsberg, Grigorenko and even Ceci at 15 who were picked outside the top 10. Grigorenko made his team already.

Any pick inside the top 20 is very intriguing. If we put Gionta on the block, especially if we eat some cap hit, he is probably the best guy on the block. We just saw Gaustad and Brouwer get 1st round picks. Gionta's return would be double.

There are few people on this board who want to outright dump our players. Personally, I don't even put Plekanec on the trade block. I would barely put Markov unless I see a potential return.

But Gionta, Cole, Bourque, Kaberle are all useful guys at the deadline. They will have significant interest. Cole could fetch a ****ing ransom. We have to put these guys on the block.
Cole not only has a NTC, but he also has two more years on his contract after this season, and he's 35 already...

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