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01-22-2013, 07:32 PM
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A few reminders:

1) If any trolling happens tonight, do not reply or play moderator. Ignore or report the offending post and it will be taken care of shortly. (Do not confuse shortly with instantaneously. Things tend to get pretty busy for moderators on nights like tonight, so be patient.)

2) The GDTs found on team boards are intended to be partisan. They are designated places for the fans of those teams to vent, complain, and express unabashedly biased views during games. They are NOT expected to appear to be "reasonable" discussions to outside fans. Do NOT visit another team's GDT to call them out, start an argument, bash their team, or otherwise stir the pot regardless of what they are saying there. You risk being nailed for trolling and punished at the moderator's discretion. The same goes for outside fans who visit our GDT.

3) Blues fans tend to have a pretty good reputation on this website. It's taken a long time and a huge collective effort to build that reputation. Keep that in mind as the night unfolds.

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