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01-22-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
Been using different, random perks/weapons/wildcards/equipment/scorestreaks lately out of boredom and for a challenge. I'm almost finished with every score streak challenge. Need a few more RC-XD, War Machine, and Death Machine kills.

Made a commitment to diamond camo the ARs this morning - not sure what I'm getting myself into, lol. I've finished the AN, FAL, and Type 25. About halfway through the MTAR and M8. So many guns.

BTW, some perks are just totally useless in this game, I swear. Blind Eye and Hard Wired are probably two of the worst perks in any Call of Duty ever.
Definitely a grind. I have 92 headshots with the M27 right now, the last gun I need to gold before I get diamond ARs. Should be able to finish it tomorrow if I can get on for about 2 hours.

I'll have diamond ARs and SMGs when finished. Not excited that I have to gold another gun though when the Peacemaker comes to town

At least I'll keep my diamond SMGs, even with the Peacekeeper in there not being gold.

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