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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
If Geno signs for 9 million or less with his cap hit, then he's an athlete that doesn't exist in sports today.
That athlete very much exists. Ever heard of Sidney Crosby?

Yes, his deal was frontloaded, but he left a ton of money on the table. He could have asked for a 10 year max contract and gotten it. Geno can do the same thing, but he won't for the same reasons Sid didn't.

Letang is slated to become a UFA in 2014-15. He still has a year under his current deal.
Doesn't matter. Any contract takes him off the UFA market, and he'll be compensated for giving up his right to field offers from other teams.

Neal could have got upwards of 6 or 7 million dollars if he hit free agency, but he would have been silly to let that happen as a slew of things can happen over the course of a year.
It was a hypothetical contingent on him being a UFA. Had he been he would have gotten a good amount more on his deal. That is why RFA / UFA status matter and why the deals for guys like Edler and Karlsson aren't fair comparables.

Now if you were a player, you were playing for a perennial powerhouse team, you're getting the mins and situations you desire, the team comes at you with 1 year left on your year, they offer you a year longer than any other team can (which is gold), at a number lower than you will other wise get (say we offer Letang in the low 6's), would you take it? I would. I'm set for a majority of my career. Sure, you're leaving a bit of money on the table if you turn into a Norris winner, but at the same rate, you're hedging your bets if you don't. It's a low risk, and a no brainer, IMO. You're still being paid like a top 10 defenseman, you're getting your money, your competing for Cups, and you're comfortable for the next 8 years of your career.
Letang doesn't take on any personal risk by asking for more money, so I don't understand the hedging bets comment.

If Letang really wanted to he could have this team by the balls and demand $8m+. I don't see that happening, particularly with all of the other stars on the team leaving money on the table, but make no mistake, he could. In the end he'll likely settle for around $7m, which will be a fair contract given his status as an elite young defenseman on the verge of unrestricted free agency.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
The thing is, he has to hit UFA to get paid like a UFA. I highly doubt either side lets that happen, as Letang if he has a down year or gets seriously injured, would have a ton to lose.
Again, no he does not. If he wants to get paid top dollar, sure, but he'll get a ton more money from Pittsburgh as an impending UFA as opposed to an RFA for the simple fact that he can test the market.

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