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01-22-2013, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by kukuman View Post
My impressions so far:

* the website is often unresponsive or extremely slow to load. Often I am unable to access the streams as well as the scoreboard and other parts of the site, or I have to wait up to 30 seconds for it to load. I can't imagine how badly their application must be designed if it can't keep up with the load on a typical weeknight.

* the blackout messages are often unhelpful. It basically just says "it's on national TV, go watch it there". OK... what channel? You can't do some geolocation and say "go watch it on X channel in your area"? Not to mention the fact that I live in Seattle and many games that are on "national" TV are not actually being shown here.

* Stream performance is iffy. I have a program that shows a graph of bandwidth usage (NetMeter). On some streams it shows intermittent periods of no activity for a few seconds, then I see the bandwidth spike. Immediately after that I see the stream pause for some time, then resume. The frame rate of the stream seems lower than analog cable. Even worse is the NBCSports streaming app, which apparently loses track of the stream and fast-forwards to recover. It's very jarring and can cause you to lose crucial moments of the action. It has nothing to do with my computer or connection. I have a self-built PC with an Intel Core i5-2400 and Geforce GTX 560, with a 30 mbit cable connection.

Overall I am very unimpressed and likely won't be back for this next year. It seems to me like the NHL and NBC are not serious about providing a serious alternative to traditional television viewing.

EDIT: Now I'm seeing a 404 error on the scores and GameCenter landing page. I am really starting to question the competence of their web development team.
This is significantly worse than it was last season. Not sure what's going on since it was pretty stable last season and I don't remember this many issues all year as I've had in the first week this year.

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