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Originally Posted by Giglio NYR15 View Post
From just observing this situation, I feel like deadlines just keep getting extended. If the deal was done and money was lined up, it would have been done, its that simple. Personally I feel like January 31st is going to come and go, and another extension will be handed out, which is such a freaking joke. It annoys me so much about how muchI have to go through and pay for my rangers season tickets, and how my friends have to struggle and wait around for lotterys just to get tickets that cost a crapload. Then you have areas like this can get in for 10 bucks....while were paying 300 bucks a seat in the last row for conference finals tickets, people are paying 50, its nauseating.

I get there are people that love hockey and enjoy it, but its teams like this that are the reason we had this crappy lockout, bettman trying to protect them, and fans like me get screwed. If youre that much of a hockey fan, then you watched and liked before the coyotes and you probably would after. This team needs to be moved to seattle or quebec city and I really hope it happens soon. And im not singling you out coyotes fans and supporters because I think whatever city doesnt get the coyotes should get the panthers because they are just as bad.
I see. So, are there any other elementary principles of economics that are annoying you? Or is it just supply/demand?

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