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01-22-2013, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Wow, you guys are really pathetic. Is every player you like or respect perfectly clean? Did I anywhere say I love Crosby? I said I have no problem with him and respect him. Is Giroux any cleaner? Did I say that Crosby can never do wrong in my book? How did this even become a conversation where you guys get to question who I choose to like and not like? I said I don't like Giroux and now you wanna give me the 5th degree for saying Giroux dumping Sid on his ass didn't earn G any brownie points from me? No, it's not "cool" that Crosby does something like that; nor is it cool when ample other players in the league do things that are slightly dirty like that. Does it stop me from liking each and every single one of them or the way they play the game?
I mean, I find it hard to respect players who pull that ****. That's just me, though. And I could care less if you don't like Giroux. Just find it hard to believe that someone can respect Crosby. Calling him a great player is one thing, he is, no doubt. But I will never respect that little *****, and have no idea how anyone could. To each their own though.

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