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01-22-2013, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Callys Chicken Parm View Post
I mean, I find it hard to respect players who pull that ****. That's just me, though. And I could care less if you don't like Giroux. Just find it hard to believe that someone can respect Crosby. Calling him a great player is one thing, he is, no doubt. But I will never respect that little *****, and have no idea how anyone could. To each their own though.
If you find that hard to believe you must have known the truth about Santa Clause at like 5 years old. Seriously. It's impossible for you to fathom somebody having respect for Sidney Crosby? It's gonna be hard for anyone to convince you of anything in this life than, it seems, because there's nothing far fetched about the idea that there are hockey fans in the world who respect Crosby to me. Do you realize that Dubinsky played similarly sometimes? That Avery was a massive fan favorite in NY? That Giroux gets away with a lot of similar, weasily things that people hate Crosby for? Find me a perfectly clean hockey player. There's no such thing. I mean, I like literally at least 4-5 players on every team in the league and some are NOT clean, "likeable" guys. I like Lucic. I like Neil. I like Hartnell. Crosby plays dirty sometimes. Like those other guys, I still enjoy watching him play and he doesn't aggravate me half as much as Giroux does (though I also love watching Giroux work).

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