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01-22-2013, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Veteran journeyman View Post
I mean, he's not crushing people as they come over the blue line, but he uses his body well. Last season I remember getting so frustrated that when a forward would go to the outside, our d-men would just drape them and jab their sticks at the puck while doing nothing to actually separate the forward from the puck. In the first game this season, a Devil went to the outside and Strait put him into the boards immediately. It was a refreshing thing to see. Smart moving the puck as well. Good wheels. Haven't seen anything noteworthy about his play in the offensive zone though. But overall, I'm pretty impressed with this player. I don't know about him as a first-pair defenseman at this point, which is what we're using him as, but so far he looks like a keeper.
Originally Posted by Zen Arcade View Post
He's more of a positional guy than someone who's going step up and thump people like a Witt or an Orpik.

His game relies more on taking away time and space, angling guys off and using his stick to take away passing lanes. I don't know if the Isles have used him on the PK yet, but he's good at deflecting away passes and neutralizing guys in slot by tying up their sticks.

He's a good skater and decent enough with the puck that you won't worry when he has it, but you won't get excited either. He does have a crisp, accurate breakout pass though, and that's likely where he'll get the majority of his points.

There's a lot to like about his game in his own end, but you really need to focus on him to notice most of it.

His offensive game is pretty forgettable, but that's not the role he's playing.
So he fills a similar role to MacDonald? (High end depth, but depth all the same.) Would that be a fair statement?

I am going somewhere with this and it has to do with the future of our blueline, assumed players to take over the various defensive roles, and how this would stack up against an upper end team's blueline.

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