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01-22-2013, 09:41 PM
Chris Cutter
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Well first off I'm gonna predict that this PGT won't reach 10 pages like the last one, that's for sure. As for the game itself: WOW! It was a completely different team out there, the execution was great: the breakout was well structured and the puck was out of the zone in no time. If this is the way the team plays every night, this is going to be a tough team to compete with and beat. Long gone are the days where the Habs are going to get pushed around, I realize this is the Florida Panthers that we're talking about here who are not known for their physical play but they still have players who have grit and that didn't matter tonight. Montreal imposed how the game was gonna be played and the Panthers' players got bruised up. If this is the identity that Bergevin was raving about in his Press Conference, I love it. I also like how Gorges has grown a chip on his shoulder and isn't shy to deliver big hits now. Might have something to do with the addition of Prust who's there to back him up. It's also nice to see Galchenyuk and Gallagher get their 1st NHL point, they both deserved it, especially Gallagher who was great tonight. I would like to also give kudos to Bourque for playing the way he played tonight, reminded me of Kostitsyn when he was on his game: drove to the net, made space for his teammates and finished his checks. I love what Ryan White did, did is exactly the type of message to send. Opposing teams will not be allowed to deliver dirty hits and get away with it anymore, it was a well worth it penalty considering the Panthers were trailing by 3 with 10 minutes remaining. So far our best players have been Carey Price and Diaz, I like how Diaz is playing right now: he's showing a lot of confidence with the puck and he's no slouch defensively either. I really dig the Gorges - Diaz duo. If Price can keep up this type of performance this team can make a run for the division title imo. I can't wait to see what this team can look like with Subban in our top 4, Kaberle at this point would have to be the odd man out since Bouillon has played fine and he's not a liability defensively.

The decision to make with Galchenyuk is going to be a tough one. I had a good game tonight and if he keeps this up for the next 3 games it'd be hard to send him back to Sarnia. I feel bad for Eller because I thought him being healthy scratched was unjustified and I don't see Therrien making changes to his line-up for thursday. I could see White getting taken out of the line-up next time Montreal loses and have a Moen - Eller - Armstrong line as your 3rd line and keep the current Galchenyuk line intact but give it 4th line minutes.

- The team can't keep being undisciplined like this. Some penalties were bush league calls, especially near the end of the game but you simply can't keep playing with fire and expect to get away with it. Were lucky that the Panthers are not great of a team to begin with and we're on their 3rd game in 4 nights on top of that. If this game was against the Penguins, I don't think we're here in this thread jumping in joy and celebrating.

- Pacioretty played a good game compared to Saturday, Cole played fine but Desharnais has to play BETTER! It didn't matter tonight since the other line produced but we can't get away every night with our 1st line having an off-night, it just doesn't work like that in today's NHL. Desharnais has to focus on getting his passes to his teammates and be less predictable and have more authority when he's in possession of the puck because right now he's getting pushed off way too easily.

PS: For those who were freaking out last game and we're ready to jump off a bridge, calm down before overreacting and saying this team sucks and is destined to be a bottom feeder.

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