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Originally Posted by Scotto74 View Post
we wee talking B's vs Pats prices. you start adding in concerts and C's it just gets to muddy but I get your point. however even doing that Kraft is up if you add in all the RV's and Bus people thatgo to every game at 125 to 200 a pop. Then you have the fact that you have a choice to park somewhere else at the garden or take the T. You don't have that option at gillette Kraft has the monopoly and charges more no way around it.
You can take the T to gillette. I guarantee that 90% of the people going to the Pats game carpool so they are splitting parking costs. Not so much for the Bruins. Doing some quick math Jacobs will take in roughly $9M in parking if he sells out the Bruins/Celtics/Events for his 1,150 spots - not too shabby for his $1.55M per year lease cost. Its called Gouging. I am all for making a profit but hammering your loyal customers isnt the best business practice in my opinion.

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