Thread: Post-Game Talk: Home Opener vs Bolts 1/22
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01-22-2013, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Lennay Kekua View Post
For a team with no defense I'm wondering where the heck our offense is also?

Anything to base that on? Nope. Ellis has played two periods and let in 1 goal. Cam has played 4 periods and let in 9. It might make sense to give Ellis another go.
Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post
Come on, man, don't you know that Ward was playing with his Ellis voodoo doll during the 2nd period? Ward is jealous of Ellis because the players like Ellis better. Cam thinks he's better than everybody because of that Conn Smythe and it really grates on the rest of the team, so everybody likes Ellis better and will play harder for him. It's just like the Staals hating Skinner. BTW wouldn't it be great if the Maple Leafs and Habs were relocated to Mexico City and Tijuana?

Originally Posted by Summer Ruutu View Post
What indication is there that Ward is suddenly going to be worthy of his massive salary and all the accolades he gets from a cult-like fanbase and fawning press?

The FSN broadcast team that would put Goebbels to shame is responsible for this mess. Year after year it's "Cam Ward says no!" and "Great save!" after every routine stop, while every goal is either a fluke bounce or the responsibility of a convenient scapegoat on D, usually one who is European. Because of seven years of this crap, fans would burn down the ESARBCPNC if Ward was traded. You can see the sell job by John/Tripp kicking into overdrive this year as W4rd is already up to at least 4 or 5 softies 80 minutes into his season.
For what it's worth, *every* goalie gets the "xxx says no" treatment from Forslund, it's just his schtick for a save. I recall Gerber, Grahame, Peters, Pogge, Leighton, Legace, Murphy, and Boucher all getting the same treatment whenever they made a save. I don't think it's a sell job, jus his broadcasting trademark akin to "Now that's hockey" or "hey hey what do you say" after a goal or "keep America in your thoughts and prayers" to close out the broadcast.

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