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01-22-2013, 10:19 PM
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Funny part is that if Therrien would have played Eller at center with Prust and Gallagher as his wingers, some would have said that, again, Therrien isn't doing a proper job with him 'cause he doesn't give him the best wingers of the team. Somehow, this Galchenyuk rookie made the best of it with the same 2 guys on his line.

Again, I want Eller to play and I want him to get his confidence again. But people come on...on which reality are you living in? Since when would you take a guy who hasn't really been lights out and just put him right away with the 2 best wingers of the team and demote one of the guy who was right with them the year before? The idea is to have Eller play on his own line, see how he creates stuff with his linemates, as inept they could be, and reward Eller with some time on the PP once in a while to get his confidence going. You then add some time on the PK as well so he ends up playing quite a while. But you don't destroy everything to make room for it. He needs to build it at a regular pace. Now, if we stay with the same lineup, we will lose soon so he will be back. We played an incredibly tired weak team today. Let's not be like some Maple Leafs fans who thought their team was all that and think we are all that ourselves. We're not. But it's better a win than nothing. We're playing in Washington next won't be easy.

At one point, I believe that the odd man out will end up being Armstrong, White and Nokie. Also believe that we're not set on both Gallys. So there is a way to see Eller soon. But Therrien will do need to be imaginative.

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