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01-22-2013, 10:49 PM
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[QUOTE=porknbeans1000;58106155]I think the statement "no one can predict his offensive game" is pretty much false. Scouts can assess how a player is going to look at the NHL level. And there's a difference between suggesting that a player has untapped potential and saying that it is impossible to predict their development entirely. Clearly you can assign certain likelihoods to outcomes based on previous observation of the prospect in question. It's certainly a spectacular thing when a player is able to surpass most people's expectations but that only happens if the expectations are realistic in the first place. Basically, saying that Gudbranson has Shea Weber potential sets him up to look like a failure if he attains his more likely status, which in my mind is still worth a top-3 pick and the development costs.[/QUOTE]

When you are picked 3rd overall, like it or not, there are huge expectations on that player. You just don't pick players at that spot that you don't think become franchise type players. You also don't pick 3rd overall defencemen to tell your fans, "oh hey look, we just picked the next Aki Berg, line up to get your tickets".

If Gudbranson develops into what the Panthers wanted him to be when they drafted him, yes he can be a Pronger/Weber type.

Will he get there? Who knows but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.

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