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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
No list is perfect but that Button and the ranking of those 30 players was so off the charts.

Size really matters at the NHL level more than a lot of people in this thread seem to think at times.

Marty St Louis is the exception rather than the rule and pretty much everyone missed him as the guy he would eventually become.

The fact of the matter is that most small guys don't make it and most that do are quite thick, ie over 175lbs and closer to 5'10" than 5'6".

Being 5'8"-5'9 and 155ish lbs (if he even is that heavy at 20 now) makes him the long shot that he is pretty plain and simple.

Case in point is Conacher, who had him on their lists before his breakout last season (12) in the AHL?

He is also 23 years old right now, that's why he would be so low in most rankings, when comparing to guys 18-20.
You are missing the point JG is vastly out performing Conacher at the same age and while weighing less is the same height if not taller (depending on who you ask) means that he could out perform him at the next level. I never said St Louis is the rule but in the new nhl small players are not that uncommon ( Desharnais, Atkinson, Conacher, Ennis, Schwartz, Granlund, Marchand, Baertschi, Brunner, Read,etc) thats not to mention player that have been in the league for years (Gionta, St Louis, Roy, Cammalleri, Whitney,etc). The game is changing into JG's favor he has high end hockey IQ and hands he has the skill of the top prospect if the only thing that separates him from other top prospects is an inch and 20 pounds then I think you are looking for reasons to hold him back.

Button's list isn't the norm but there is no reason to say it is any less valid as he may see things others don't and vice versa.

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