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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
can't say i agree with this "east is much less physical/more finesse" B.S... but JBo certainly could benefit from a change of scenery.

he probably just needs to be slotted in as a 2nd pairing dman at this point, that or the complement to an elite #1 dman. Issue, of course, is that he's paid to be a top-pairing #1.

I could see the Islanders having some interest... replace Vishnovsky who no showed, and a small enough market (attention-wise) that he wouldn't have to deal with the fans/press getting on him for his high-pay average-play.

Flames could certainly use an elite young talent like Niederreiter... could be a fit for both teams assuming Snow has the ok to add that much salary (in light of the Vishnovsky suspension, fair to speculate that he does have a few M$ to work with, and for next season they'll need to add payroll anyways) and probably would require the flames adding something to the deal.

Captials are struggling out of the gate and have a few players i'm sure they'd consider moving (not so much b/c of the struggles in 2 games, but building on last year's play).



probably not the return the flames would be looking for, but a 6.7M$ dman playing at a 4-5 level is going to be tough to move, especially with the cap reduction coming.
I think the only way the flames move him is if they take half of his contract, cause at 3m itll be a lot easier for teams to accept. But no team will want him cause of his regressing play and 12 goals in 248 games as a flame and a -31 just isnt going to cut it as a #1 dman logging 29mins a night. Plus the fact he has no heart and has never made the playoffs, teams wont want to curse their club.

This guy is no more than a support dman, #3 on a contender, and really should be paired with a hard hitting rugged dman who can carry the physical load while Jay does his smooth skating. Cause afterall thats his biggest asset is his smooth skating.

The guy has no physical game in him, no offensive game in him, so really hes just a smooth skating, pokechecking dman with a long reach who is excellent at chasing down iced pucks.

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