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01-22-2013, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
When did I say I wanted Bryz gone? I'm pointing out what he's doing wrong because you guys are trying to tell me that this game wasn't at least partially his fault. I completely disagree. Your goalie has to make the big saves if you want to have a chance to win! Especially if you want to be successful in the playoffs. Hopefully he can have more games where he does make the big saves.

Do you honestly believe that a team that has a goalie that lets in 3 goals in 4 shots has a chance to win the cup? How many Stanley-Cup caliber goalies allow that to happen? How many times did Jonathan Quick bail out the Kings when they made mistakes in the playoffs?
It's no use....I don't think some people will ever understand the importance of situational saves and how they motivate a team. True number 1's make saves that are typically not easy to save. Brodeur had more than Bryz..hence the shutout. Having said this the offense is totally screwed up and the lack of mobility on D on the transition is so obvious it's not even funny. IMO this team has no choice now but to concentrate primarily on team D and then the goals will come but Lavi doesn't seem to get it. He is being stubborn and challenging his own GM and owner who have said he needs to adjust and tighten the D. He said no...I'm attacking and's going so great isn't it? Him changing up the lines like a mad scientist isn't helping either

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