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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I could see the Islanders having some interest... replace Vishnovsky who no showed, and a small enough market (attention-wise) that he wouldn't have to deal with the fans/press getting on him for his high-pay average-play.

Flames could certainly use an elite young talent like Niederreiter... could be a fit for both teams assuming Snow has the ok to add that much salary (in light of the Vishnovsky suspension, fair to speculate that he does have a few M$ to work with, and for next season they'll need to add payroll anyways) and probably would require the flames adding something to the deal.
1. Vis and Snow have agreed, that Vis will join the isles after Vis' son has minor surgery on Feb 9th. Isles would rather pay Vis $3m prorated, then pay JB $6m+ prorated.

2. The isles aren't trading one of their top prospects, a kid with no leverage to demand a trade, for Bouwmeester. Not even if the Flames added a 1st.
interesting 1st point... is that rumor or has that been confirmed publicly?

2nd point - don't doubt it... though if they had the OK to spend some money, and could get the flames to add (be it a 1st, which in the flames case, could be a top-5 pick, or other asset of value to them), Snow could do worse than to move a kid who has amazing talent but is already expressing less than stellar desire to be there.

sometimes avoiding the pissing contest is better than wielding leverage like a hammer. Getting Jbo+, whose overpriced contract means little to the Isles (again, assuming Wang gave the ok to add salary), at the expense of a guy not on the roster who is potentially less than committed to being there, wouldn't be terrible.

Not saying they need to move NN... but looking at their contract/rpster situation beyond this year, finding some players a bit better than the Carkner/Boyes variety to add to a pretty talented group of young players, would not be a bad thing. JBo isn't as bad as some make him out to be, just isn't the #1 dman he's paid to be.

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