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01-22-2013, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Nick1219 View Post
See... this is the problem.

Nobody will EVER EVER EVER agree on anything to do with music. This is a perfect example because I'd rather run off a cliff then hear that song played after we scored. I actually miss Holiday to be honest. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Sure it was a Green Day song, but we don't even hear a single lyric.

One thing that always bugs me is when people discredit the old U2 opening by saying the lyrics are for wussies since its "I wanna run, I wanna hide". Yes. That's true. The lyrics are as such, but they don't even play a single lyric in the intro. It's just instrumental and it sounds so... SO epic with some added horn in it.
Agreed with everything said here about the U2 intro and Holiday goal song. Wish we could go back to those.

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