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01-22-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
I can't see any possible way the Supremes would hold up a law that deprives 46 states of a right given to 4 states.

I'm curious why DoJ jumped on this - what's in it for them? Where's the payoff?
Yeah, the end game is SCOTUS.

It's getting into "federal" rights vs "states" rights, me thinks. Some of the discussions that divided folks back in the 1700s!!

Will have a big impact, regardless of the final outcome.... either overturning law or enforcing different rights for states by federal authorities. (Might mean that states don't have to give their water to other states, etc., some things that are "dictated" by federal entities.)

Books will be written. (Will Dado have his tome on the Phoenix situation done so he'll need a new project? )

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