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01-23-2013, 12:01 AM
Thank You Hinkie!
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
I agree. I think Hank or Schneider or Luongo all make that save if they were playing goal for us today. Oh wait, Bryz has outplayed them all massively this season? Nevermind.

Flyers fans are never happy with their goalies. First it's "I just want him to stop with the softies", so he tightens up and hasn't allowed a single softie yet and now we're taking shots at him for not stopping Kovalchuk on a penalty shot where he roofs an unstoppable backhand, or for allowing a rebound on a play where Couturier totally blew his coverage.

You come back from a game where Couturier played like crap, Timonen looked like a whipped mule, and the rest of the defense also looked abysmal and you say a few quick words about the team not playing well and then launch into 5 posts about Bryz stinking.

It's ridiculous.

Bryzgalov stood on his head the first 2 games several times. IT DIDN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If Bryz made the "situational saves" you're talking about tonight, again nothing would've been different. We played like absolute crap tonight, we didn't even come close to putting one past Brodeur and you want to act like it all would've been different if Bryz could've just made a couple "situational saves"

Thanks for the laugh.
No THANK YOU for your comical response....Bryz is not ALL at fault......nobody has suggested it....but if he would have made some big saves in the beginning like Brodeur did we could have absolutely seen a different game. The Flyers did not start out bad at all offensively but once they went down quick they got discouraged especially since Brodeur was stoning them.

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