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Originally Posted by Kid Dynamite View Post
I bought gamecenter and I am loving it. For anyone having blackout problems I suggest Hotspot shield or a VPN if you are on a pc. I was able to watch both the Calgary game and Oilers game from Calgary with Gamecenter. I use Hotspot shield (you can google how to get rid of ads from the free version, was fairly easy.) I couldn't take the choppyness and poor quality from other online streams anymore.
Oddly enough tunnelling and VPNs that put your IP out of market are "illegal".

But more importantly, you are still paying NHL and rewarding their exclusive licensing/blackout policy.

They are in cahouts with the same cable companies that limit your bandwidth to prevent Apple TV, Hulu and others from snatching their market share (from their hopelessly dated business model).

If you are going to tread into a legal grey area, pay somebody for online steaming of games that offers good quality and does not blackout any games.... money talks.

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