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01-23-2013, 12:47 AM
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And just cuz I'm on a roll and still annoyed by that game....

I've paid the NHL over a thousand dollars for CI/GCL subscriptions over the years. And I'm willing to pay them thousands more over my lifetime.

But why would I ALSO pay cable TV companies $75/month, for a bundling of copyrighted media I have no interest in JUST so I could watch hockey?

I could pay $60/year for whatever two programs I *must* watch (currently MadMen & SOA) + 200 for GCL + free over the air HD and be perfectly legal... and feel good about it, paying more directly to the copyright holders that are creating/funding/producing the content I want.

I work in an intellectual property based industry... I get it... I value it. That's why I'm done paying coax cable and copper wire companies for anything other than the value they offer me... BANDWIDTH and nothing more.

They better get their act in gear. Bundled copyrights are a thing of the past. There are only three value-added revenue streams in that industry: i) bandwidth ii) copyright license payments, iii) advertising dollars.

Over-reaching is just going to encourage the wrong type of behaviour.

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