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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
Desharnais has one good season, Atkinson and Conacher are hardly established in the NHL. The other guys are good prospects or NHL players that have had a solid year or two. The common thread among every single one of them mentioned? They are all bigger than Gaudreau. The most generous estimation of his size I've seen is 5'8" 153. I've seen him play, he's 5'7" at most. The lightest guy among those you mentioned is at least 15-20 pounds heavier than Gaudreau, which is a huge difference. Nobody that is that small has had the impact in the modern NHL that people project Gaudreau will have.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I've seen Gaudreau play, and he's a great player. His vision, anticipation, and hockey IQ is great. But people seriously need to stop trying to justify him as a guaranteed hit prospect. He's a good, legitimate, quality NHL prospect. He is not the god you paint him out to be.
WJC team had JG had 5'9 155. They are all 2-3 years older if not more of course they have 20+ pounds on JG. You too have missed the point that being smaller isn't as big of a draw back it once was. I never said JG was god I think he is a top 30-50 prospect I think they only thing that holds him back is his size if he was 5'11 he would be seen higher then Sven. I have said probably 100+ times he isn't a sure thing but no prospect is my entire point is the people that write him solely on his size are wrong as many players around his size are starting to come into the nhl and succeed.

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