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01-23-2013, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
Unhappy with his current situation? He's 20 years old, and he scored 1 stinking goal in the NHL last season. He is right where he belongs in the AHL. In all likelihood he'll be recalled at some point this season. How on earth can he possibly be that unhappy about his situation?
I fully understand Nino. Last season was a disappointment for him. After that he knew how tough league NHL is and how hard he has to work to earn a place from there.

And that is just what he has done: been working and training like crazy. He has made significant progress and has been tearing up AHL this season. Nino has been the best player in Bridgeport and he has showed he has done everything the organization has wanted him to do.

And what is the reward for this? Islanders don't even invite him to the training camp. That send out a message loud and clear and the message is: "Your possible develompent doesn't interest us enough to even take a look". I think he would be ok playing in AHL if he felt he had been given a fair chance to make it to the Islanders roster and he had struggled and was therefore sent down. But this time Nino wasn't even given a chance. He just played at that one scrimmage at the end of the camp and it probably made things even worse because Nino was the best player on the ice that day. He knows he should be up and that it was unfair to not even give him the chance to be there.

Nino & Islanders case is starting to look like the bumby relationship Turris had with Coyotes. And that didn't end well for Phoenix. Hope Islanders find a better solution as Niederreiter's potential exceeds his trade value.

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