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01-23-2013, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Lol I'm getting accused of strawman from the first guy in this, I suppose this is some form of spat, to do so. I never really said Bonino has been outplayed. I admitted that I have no way of proving that Holland's AHL play > Bonino's performance. I don't have a rationale. I don't need one. I don't like Bonino there. I've never been a part of the group that thinks he's a future 30-40 point 2c with the right guidance. I've only seen flashes from Bonino and that's it. I simply don't feel comfortable with this team trying to make the playoffs with Bonino anchoring Selanne and Ryan. Do I think it's a guarantee that Holland will do a better job? No. I have a feeling, but I can easily be wrong. What I'm saying is, we should give Bonino a little more time and give some serious thought to other options. Even if that's a quick experiment with Holland at 2c. Give him a chance to, you know prove himself. We keep saying Holland hasn't proven he's better than Bonino, and then that defaults to the belief that we shouldn't even bother giving him a chance to do so.
No, it defaults to the belief he should start on the 4th line like every other center the Ducks have developed in the last decade and work his way up if he earns the right. However poorly Bonino is performing offensively, he is a known quantity defensively. Holland isn't at this level. I agree long term he's the likely 2C. But the season is too short to be losing a game because a rookie had no clue who to cover while Selanne and Ryan were floating around IMO.

EDIT - Bonino had 18P in 50 games last year, which prorates to 30 points over 82 games (granted, with all the inaccuracies of prorating). Why would you not think he was capable of being a 30-40 point player?

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